Why shotgun ammo shortage?

COVID-19 pandemic In addition, like other factories, arms manufacturers stopped production during the height of the pandemic. Fearing long-term shortages, many gun enthusiasts began buying and stockpiling firearms and ammunition. He says another reason why there is such a shortage of ammunition is due to the fact that the gun manufacturer Remington went bankrupt. Dedicated shooters seem to be perpetuating the problem as they take and accumulate almost any pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition that is available.

Redeem your savings and retirement and buy ammunition in bulk, inflation is killing money and savings, but ammunition is the inflation-proof retirement package. Ammunition that is available is often selling at prices two or three times higher than ammunition sold two years ago, he said. Which greatly contributes not only to the shortage, but to the rise in the price of ammunition, coupled with the pandemic, the recent huge increase in crime, the Democratic president is acting more like a fascist dictator who wants to ban guns and tons of first-time gun owners looking for ammunition for practice and use as SD ammunition.

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