What shotgun rounds for home defense?

Buckshot shotgun shells Widely used shotgun shells for domestic defense are shot shells. Buckshot has a wide penetration range of 16.5 inches. This penetration range is best suited for light damage to the target. The effective range of this type of projectile is 30 to 50 yards.

We will also give a brief overview of some other factors to consider when determining the type of shotgun ammunition that best suits your home and situation. A bullet of pellets will deliver much larger pellets. This significantly amplifies the lethality of the round. A shotgun can be a devastating firearm for local defense, especially with good tactical shotgun training.

You'll love this defense shotgun ammunition if you're looking for ammunition with a little less shoulder-breaking kick. Fortunately, most local defense shotguns have 12-caliber barrels that narrow down your search for the best 12-caliber bullet or bullet ammunition. As you may have guessed, Federal and Winchester are my manufacturers of shotgun ammunition. When choosing shotgun shells for domestic defense, it is worthwhile to understand the differences between different types of shotgun ammunition.

However, for those interested, I will cover everything I think they should know when choosing shotgun ammunition for local defense. With caliber 12 as the most popular shotgun caliber and pellet as the most popular type of domestic defense shotgun ammunition, let's start by looking at 12 gauge shot options. You will find that many law enforcement agencies across the country rely on Federal Premium for their shotgun ammunition and offer several different varieties of their line of self-defense cartridges in both 12 and caliber. It is important to note that, like all shotguns intended for defensive use, a shotgun loaded with bullets must aim, not just “aim”.

It's worth checking out a variety of different ammunition types at the shooting range to find out which shotgun loads work best on your firearm.

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