How do you get the powerful shotgun in re7?

To get the M21 shotgun, you need to pick up the broken shotgun on the second floor of the main house. This non-functional weapon is found in grandma's room. You'll also have to pick up the Key of the Snake to be able to go to the attic, which also serves as Jacob's room. Inside the attic you will find the model shotgun.

Before you pick up the shotgun, you need the scorpion key. It is available relatively early in the game, after facing Jack in the garage, after solving the puzzle of the projector with the wooden statuette and while you are in the basement. Go up to an attic area. Check the corner to the right of the ladder to see if there is a model shotgun resting on a shelf.

Now you're ready to get hold of the M21, which, if you haven't guessed it, is the broken shotgun you used to get a functional pen from the cold, dead hands of the statue below. Make sure you also have your repair kit. The M21 shotgun is more powerful than the M37, although it fires fewer shells before it has to be reloaded. However, it is worth using it and, in fact, you can get it quite soon.

Once you leave the house, you can take the repair kit under the porch and use it on the broken shotgun found in grandma's room. If you used the broken shotgun to load the statue into the main room and grab the M37, you can change it again. And if you used the first repair kit on the broken gun, don't worry, there is another one. Take the photo of the treasure (the one showing the mannequin's head) in the master bedroom's storage room on the second floor, and then locate the head in the first part of Lucas's testing area.

You'll also need to have picked up the broken shotgun in grandma's room on the second floor of the main house, you've probably traded it for a working shotgun on the first floor. The player can repair the broken shotgun by combining it with a repair kit; either very soon sacrificing the M37 shotgun and the broken gun, or much later without sacrificing the availability of the other 2 weapons. You can pick up an M21 shotgun as soon as you get the Snake Key and enter Jacob's room (and attic) to get the Model shotgun. It is one of the three shotguns in the game, the others being the M37 shotgun and Thor's Hammer, the latter being an exclusive mini-game.

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