Can you get infinite ammo in re7?

How to get infinite ammo in Resident Evil 7.By completing the game in Madhouse you will get infinite ammunition for all your weapons that use ammunition. Keep in mind that this doesn't apply to chainsaw fuel, which has its own infinite fuel reward to win. The first thing to do here is to win the game on any difficulty you want. Doing so will unlock the Casa de Locos difficulty.

If you are in a hurry and want to unlock Infinite Ammunition very quickly, the best thing to do is to win the game in Easy mode the first time. Without a doubt, this is recommended if you have won the game before but you don't have the save file for it. The only unlockable linked to Madhouse, completing the hardest difficulty in Resident Evil 7 gives you infinite ammo. Unlike Resident Evil Village, where you can unlock weapons with infinite ammo with PC, Infinite Ammo is an item that applies to all weapons in Ethan's kit as long as it's in your inventory.

While unlocking infinite ammo requires overcoming the toughest challenge of Resident Evil 7, it does make returning to Madhouse much easier and, as a result, cathartic. Infinite ammunition applies to all weapons except the remote bomb, and eliminates the need to carry separate ammunition for different weapons (upgraded ammunition and different types of grenade projectiles included).

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